Level Billing Plan

The Level Billing Plan (LBP) is open to all residential accounts billed by the Cucamonga Valley Water District that meet the following conditions:
  • Your account must be in good standing and not subject to existing payment arrangements or extensions.
  • Your level payment amount is based on one year’s water consumption. Any large fluctuation in consumption will result in an addition or reduction of your level payment, which you will be notified in writing.
Once a year, you will receive a settlement bill showing either an amount due or a credit. If you receive a credit, it will be applied to your next bill. If you receive an amount due, it must be paid in full on or before the stated due date.

Please note: Your account cannot become delinquent or extended while under the LBP. Violations will result in having deferred billing amount due in full. Customers must pay the total amount indicated on their billing statement. Any returned items will result in being removed from our LBP.

Sign up today
To sign up just fill out the authorization form. You can also contact customer service at 909-944-6000 and our representative will help you sign up for LBP over the phone.
Cancel LBP
You may cancel your participation at any time by contacting customer service at 909-944-6000. Once cancelled, any amount owed will immediately become due.