Programs and rebates

No-Cost Water Efficient Programs

  1. Tune-up Program
  2. Small Site Controller Upgrade Program
  3. Large Landscape Retrofit Program
  4. PRV Program

Tune-up Program

This program provides you an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your current sprinkler system. We have contracted with Conserv Inc. to manage the following  program. If you are interested in any of the other services they offer, please visit Conserv Inc.  For more information and to sign up call (909) 987-2591. 


  • Valve replacement (1 valve with new wiring)
  • Sprinkler repair (raise/replace/adjust up to 6 pop-ups/nozzles)
  • Repair one minor lateral irrigation line break (restrictions apply) 
  • Flushing or replacing drip irrigation couplers and emitters (up to 6)


  • Must be the homeowner
  • Must be the first time the property is participating


*Please be aware once you register it will be up to a 60 day wait time before receiving a call back due to many participants*

Landscape Consultation

This program consists of a one-on-one consultation, offered to CVWD customers, performed by a CVWD field service representative at your home, where they will identify where you may be wasting water in your landscape. By examining each portion of your yard, a CVWD field service representative will recommend small to major improvements that can reduce your water consumption while improving the appearance of your yard*. If you are interested in scheduling a landscape consultation, please call 855-654-CVWD (2893) or email our Field Service Division.

 *CVWD field service representatives are not landscape professionals. CVWD water consultations are comprised of recommendations only. It is advised that you consult a landscape professional before making major changes to your landscape.


Rebate eligibility is dependent on qualifying devices; check the qualifying devices list prior to purchasing your device. For qualifying devices, more information, and to apply online, visit SoCal WaterSmart or call 888-376-3314.

*All applications for the residential rebate programs must be completed through the SoCal WaterSmart online system. No paper applications are available.*

  1. Turf Replacement Rebate
  2. Indoor Rebates
  3. Outdoor Rebates

Turf Replacement Rebate

Starting at $2 sq ft. - while funding lasts. 

  • A maximum of 5,000 square feet of turf removed effective July 1, 2019.
  • Have a minimum of 250 square feet of turf removed, or if the entire property is less than 250 square feet, all turf must be removed.
  • Not include any live turf, or turf-looking grasses.
  • There is a limit of one (1) application per home per year. 
  • Areas which have already had turf removed are not eligible.
  • Artificial turf is not permitted.