Leak Detection

Water Watch Program    

CVWD's Water Watch Program empowers customers to identify and fix leaks in and around their homes. If you think you have a leak, follow the steps below.

If you have taken these steps and still cannot identify the source of your water waste, please call CVWD at 855-654-2893 to request a Water Consultation.

Part of the CVWD Water Watch Program is for us to proactively notify you when we identify a potential leak at your home. In order to do so, we need your updated contact information. Click here to update your contact information now. 

  1. Step 1: Turn Off All Water
  2. Step 2: Location & Inspection
  3. Step 3: Leak Culprits

Before you look for leaks, make sure no water is being used inside or outside of your home. Check all appliances, faucets, toilets, and sprinkler systems.